Program in African American History Research 2017-2018 Fellows

Postdoctoral Fellow

Dr. Cheryl Hicks, Department of History, University of North Carolina-Charlotte, Black Enchantress: Hannah Elias, Interracial Sex, Murder, and Civil Rights in Jim Crow New York

Dr. Nazera S. Wright, Department of History, University of Kentucky, African American Women Writers and Research Libraries.

Short-term Fellows

Lucien Holness, PhD Candidate in History, University of Maryland, College Park, Between North and South, East and West: The Antislavery Movement in Southwestern Pennsylvania

Dr. Lacey Hunter, Department of History, Drew University, Nineteenth Century African American Women Intellectuals and the American Jeremiad

Dr. Myrna Sheldon, Department of Classics and World Religions, Ohio University, The Ontology of a Mixed-Race Woman

Dr. Wendy Wilson Falls, Department of Africana Studies, Lafayette College, Indian Ocean Maritime Labor, Black Sailors, and American Merchants: The Port of Philadelphia