Past Fellows: 1997-1998

The Library Company of Philadelphia Research Fellows in American History & Culture

Andrew W. Mellon Foundation Fellows

Dorri R. Beam, Ph.D. candidate in American Literature, University of Virginia
Purple Protests: The Highly Wrought Tradition in 19th-Century Women’s Writing

Dr. Gary R. Dyer, Assistant Professor of English, Idaho State University
The Sexual Politics of Chivalry, 1790-1850

Jon-Paul Dyson, Ph.D. candidate in History, SUNY Buffalo
Learning About Nature: Children and Natural History in the 19th Century

Catherine M. Eagan, Ph.D. candidate in English, Boston College
The Racialization of the Irish on Both Sides of the Atlantic

Dr. Todd A. Estes, Assistant Professor of History, Oakland University
Humor, Poliitcs and the Political Culture of the 1790s

Michelle Garfield, Ph.D. candidate in History, Duke University
The Politics of Knowledge: Black Women’s Literary Societies in the Antebellum North

Dr. Ruth Wallis Herndon, Assistant Professor of History, University of Toledo
Growing Up in Early America

Dr. Peter C. Mancall, Professor of History, University of Kansas
Two Richard Hakluyts and the Creation of English America

Dr. Michael Meranze, Associate Professor of History, University of California, San Diego
The Fragility of Justice: Police, Political Economy, and Sympathy in the Early Republic

David Brett Mizelle, Ph.D. candidate in American Studies, University of Minnesota
Exhibition Animals and the Boundary Between Man and Beast in Early America

Dr. Adrienne Munich, Professor of English, Director of Women’s Studies, SUNY Stonybrook, God Bless Our Queen: Victoria in America

Dr. Samuel Otter, Associate Professor of English, University of California, Berkeley
Representing Race

Ellen Sacco, Ph.D. candidate in Art History, University of California, Los Angeles
Spectacular Masculinities: The Museums of Peale, Baker and bowen in the Early Republic

Dr. Dennis M. Shannon, Assistant Professor of History, Auburn University, Montgomery
Mathew Carey and the Political Culture of the Early Republic

Emily B. Todd, Ph.D. candidate in English, University of Minnesota
Sir Walter Scott and 19th-century American Publishing History

Dr. Shirley Teresa Wajda, Assisatnt Professor of History, Kent State University
The Popular Reception of Phrenology by Americans

McLean Contributionship Fellow

Dr. Philip Mark Katz, Lecturer in History, Princeton University
The French Diaries of General John Meredith Read, U.S. Consul-General, 1870-71

Barra Foundation International Fellows (with the Historical Society of Pennsylvania)

Dr. Pere Gifra-Adroher, Assistant Professor of English, Universitat Pompeu Fabra, Barcelona, Between History and Romance: Travel Writing on Spain in Antebellum American Culture

Christine Hucho, Doctoral candidate, Johannes Gutenberg University, Mainz
Foreign and Female: German Immigrant Women in 18th-Century Pennsylvania