Past Fellows: 1998-1999

The Library Company of Philadelphia Research Fellows in American History & Culture

Andrew W. Mellon Foundation Fellows

Dr. Jeanne Boydston, Associate Professor of History, University of Wisconsin, Madison. Remember the ladies: gender, labor, and political culture in the early American republic

Stephanie M.H. Camp, Ph.D. candidate in History, University of Pennsylvania. Viragos: slave women’s everyday politics in the old south

Alexandra M. Cornelius, Ph.D. candidate in History, Washington University. “A man’s a man for a‘ that”: the black response to the rise of scientific racism

Carolyn Eastman, Ph.D. candidate in American History, Johns Hopkins University. Oratory, print, and the development of the American public, 1780-1830

Paul J. Erickson, Ph.D. candidate in American Studies, University of Texas, Austin. Welcome to Sodom: the cultural work of the American City-Mysteries novel, 1840-1860

Dr. Martha Hodes, Assistant Professor of History, New York University. Place and race, borders and identities: black and white migrations in the Civil War era

Dr. Theodore Kornweibel, Jr., Professor of Africana Studies, California State University, San Diego. The African American railroad heritage.

Dr. Daniel L. Letwin, Assistant Professor of History, Pennsylvania State University. Black political thought and the social equality question in nineteenth-century America

Dr. W.T. Lhamon, Jr., Professor of English, Florida State University. Jump Jim Crow.

Trish Loughran, Ph.D. candidate in English, University of Chicago. Virtual nation: local and national cultures in print, 1776-1850

Dr. Louis P. Masur, Professor of History, City College of the City University of New York. The American Republic in 1831.

Margaret O. Meredith, Ph.D. candidate in History of Science, University of California, San Diego. A noble commerce: American interpretations of fossil bones in the Atlantic world, 1780-1815.

Eric Slauter, Ph.D. candidate in American Literature, Stanford University. The state as a work of art: politics and the cultural origins of the Constitution

Kariann Yokota, Ph.D. candidate in U.S. History, University of California, Los Angelas. From an unstable beginning: national identity and the practice of everyday life in post-colonial America

McLean Contributionship Fellow

Dr. Alice Fahs, Assistant Professor of American History, University of California, Irvine. Publishing the Civil War: popular literature and the meanings of the nation, 1861-1865

Barra Foundation International Fellows (with the Historical Society of Pennsylvania)

Dr. Zhangcan Cheng, Associate Professor of Chinese, Nanjing University, China. American image of China from 1784-1844: media and knowledge

Dr. Glenn Moore, Lecturer in American History, University of Melbourne, Australia. Useful leisure activities in nineteenth-century America