Past Fellows: 1999-2000

The Library Company of Philadelphia and the Historical Society of Pennsylvania Jointly Sponsored 1999-2000 Research Fellows

Andrew W. Mellon Foundation Fellows

Peter X. Accardo, Houghton Library, Harvard University: Byron’s American editions printed to the year 1830, a bibliography.

Dee E. Andrews, Associate Professor of History, California State University, Hayward: Representing an Equal and Universal Liberty: The First Generation of American Antislavery.

Erica Renée Armstrong, Ph.D. candidate in American History, Columbia University: The Transforming Identities of African American Women in Philadelphia, 1780-1850.

Friederike Baer-Wallis, Ph.D. candidate in History, Brown University: Imagining How They Lived: German-Americans in the Early American Republic, 1783-1820.

Wendy Bellion, Ph.D. candidate in Art History, Northwestern University: Likeness and Deception in Art of the Early American Republic.

Jeannine DeLombard, Assistant Professor of English, University of Puget Sound: The Juridical Metaphor in Antebellum Literary Abolitionism.

Nathaniel Alexander Frank, Ph.D. candidate in History, Brown University: Producing Men: Work, Manhood, and the Rise of Capitalism in the Early American Republic.

Robert Anthony Garson, Director, David K. Bruce Centre for American Studies, Keele University: The Adoption of the U.S. Dollar and the Forging of a National Identity, 1776-1792.

Kevin P. Gumienny, Ph.D. candidate in History, State University of New York at Stony Brook: Creating “A Thirst for Knowledge:” Natural Philosophy and Natural History in 18th-Century America.

David J. Hancock, Associate Professor of History, University of Michigan: Wine and the Emerging Atlantic Economy, 1703-1807.

Sam W. Haynes, Associate Professor of History, University of Texas, Arlington: Anti-British Sentiment and the Emergence of an American Post-Colonial Identity.

Etta M. Madden, Assistant Professor of English, Southwest Missouri State University: Pictures of Health: Responses to Benjamin Rush’s Teachings on Temperance, 1800-1850.

Jon S. Miller, Ph.D. candidate in American Literature, University of Iowa: Prohibition and Parties: Temperance in 19th-Century American Literature and Culture.

Andrew K. Sandoval-Strausz, Ph.D. candidate in History, University of Chicago: Urban Social Experiences and Hotel Life in 19th-Century America.

Laura Schiavo, Ph.D. candidate in American Studies, George Washington University: Stereographs, Perception, and American Middle-Class Identity, 1850-1882.

Nina Catherine Stoyan-Rosenzweig, Ph.D. candidate in History, University of Michigan: Farmers and the Exploitation of Wildlife Resources: Overuse or Husbanding?

Kirsten Sword, Ph.D. candidate in History, Harvard University: Wayward Wives, Runaway Slaves and the Limits of Patriarchal Authority in Early America.

T. Stephen Whitman, Assistant Professor of History, Mount St. Mary’s College: Regions, Borders, and Race: Free People of Color in the Mid-Atlantic, 1750-1860.

McLean Contributionship Fellow

Augusta Rohrbach, Assistant Professor of English, Oberlin College: Material Contexts of Literary Realism from Abolition to the Harlem Renaissance

Barra Foundation International Fellows (with the Historical Society of Pennsylvania)

Sarah Catherine Knott, Ph.D. candidate in History, Oxford University: The Culture of Sensibility in the Era of the American Revolution.

Marco Sioli, Department of American History, University of Milan: Democratic Republican Societies of the 18th Century: The Western Pennsylvania Experience.