The Library Company of Philadelphia 2017-2018 Research Fellows

Long-Term Fellows

National Endowment for the Humanities Post-Doctoral Fellows

Dr. Matthew Kruer, Department of History, University of Oklahoma, The Time of Anarchy: Colonial Rebellions and the Wars of the Susquehannocks, 1675-1685

Dr. Nazera S. Wright, Department of History, University of Kentucky, African American Women Writers and Research Libraries

Dr. Michael A. Verney, Department of History, University of New Hampshire, “A Great and Rising Nation”: American Naval Exploration and the Forging of a Global Maritime Empire, 1815-1860

Mellon Scholars Program in African American History Postdoctoral Fellow

Dr. Cheryl Hicks, Department of History, University of North Carolina-Charlotte, Black Enchantress: Hannah Elias, Interracial Sex, Murder, and Civil Rights in Jim Crow New York

Dr. Nazera S. Wright, Department of History, University of Kentucky, African American Women Writers and Research Libraries.

Program in Early American Economy and Society Post-Doctoral Fellows

Dr. John Garcia, Division of Humanities, Boston University, The Early American Bookseller: A Network History

Dr. Anne Verplanck, American Studies, Penn State Harrisburg, The Business of Art: Transforming the Graphic Arts in an Age of Mechanical Reproduction

Program in Early American Economy and Society Dissertation Fellows

Carrie Glenn, PhD Candidate in History, University of Delaware, The Revolutionary Atlantic of Elizabeth Beauveau and John Joseph Borie: Commerce, Vulnerability, and U.S. Connections with the French Atlantic, 1780-1820

Albert M. Greenfield Foundation Dissertation Fellows

Sarah Naramore, PhD Candidate in History and Philosophy of Science, University of Notre Dame, Correspondence Networks and the Construction of American Medicine

Jordan Wingate, PhD Candidate in English, University of California, Los Angeles, The Transnational Origins of the American Self

Library Company Short-Term Fellows

Mellon Scholars Program in African American History

Lucien Holness, PhD Candidate in History, University of Maryland, College Park, Between North and South, East and West: The Antislavery Movement in Southwestern Pennsylvania

Dr. Lacey Hunter, Department of History, Drew University, Nineteenth Century African American Women Intellectuals and the American Jeremiad

Dr. Myrna Sheldon, Department of Classics and World Religions, Ohio University, The Ontology of a Mixed-Race Woman

Dr. Wendy Wilson Falls, Department of Africana Studies, Lafayette College, Indian Ocean Maritime Labor, Black Sailors, and American Merchants: The Port of Philadelphia

Program in Early American Economy and Society Short-Term Fellows

Marcel Deperne, PhD Candidate in History, University of La Rochelle, Atlantic Networks in the Ohio River Valley: French Merchants from Pittsburgh (PA) to Henderson (KY) 1789-1848

Alexandra Garrett, PhD Candidate in History, University of Virginia, The Forgotten Female Roots of America’s Economic Power: Feme Sole Entrepreneurs of the Early Republic, 1774-1828

Dr. Sean Harvey, Department of History, College of William & Mary, Albert Gallatin, the Early Republic, and the Atlantic World

Dr. Kathleen Hilliard, Department of History, Iowa State University, Bonds Burst Asunder: The Revolutionary Politics of Getting By in Civil War and Emancipation, 1860-1867

Camille Kaszubowski, PhD Candidate in American History, University of Delaware, “Left in Distress”: Women on Their Own in Revolutionary Pennsylvania

Dr. Robert Richard, Department of History, University of North Carolina Chapel Hill, Panic and Power: The First Great Depression in North Carolina, 1815-1833

Amy Watson, PhD Candidate in History, Yale University, Patriot Empire: The Rise of Imperial Party Politics in the British Atlantic, 1716-1748

Drexel University College of Medicine Legacy Center / Library Company of Philadelphia Fellow in the History of Women and Medicine

Lindsey Grubbs, PhD Candidate in English, Emory University, Fictional Illnesses: The Poetics of Diagnosis in America, 1785-1890

McLean Contributionship Fellow

Dr. Heather Morrison, Department of History, SUNY New Paltz, Philadelphia and the Holy Roman Emperor’s Plant Collectors

Reese Fellow in American Bibliography

Dr. Steven Bullock, Humanities & Arts Department, Worcester Polytechnic Institute, Weems’s Washington:  A Biography of Parson Weems’s Life of George Washington

Anthony N.B. and Beatrice Garvan Fellow in American Material Culture

Dr. Steffi Dippold, Department of English, Kansas State University, Plain as in Primitive: The Figure of the Native in Early America.

American Society for Eighteenth-Century Studies Fellow

Ross Nedervelt, PhD Candidate in History, Florida International University, The Border-seas of a New British Empire: The British Atlantic Islands in the Age of the American Revolution

Fellow in the Program in Early American Medicine, Science, and Society

Rebecca Rosen, PhD Candidate in English, Princeton University, Making the Body Speak: Anatomy, Autopsy and Testimony in Early America, 1639-1790

Fellow in the Visual Culture Program

Dr. Allison Stagg, Department of American Art, Freie Universität Berlin, The Market for Caricature Prints in Philadelphia, 1790-1830

Deutsch Fellow in Women’s History

Dr. Charlene Boyer Lewis, Department of History, Kalamazoo College, The Traitor’s Wife: Peggy Shippen Arnold and Revolutionary America

Short-term Fellows Jointly Sponsored by the Library Company and the Historical Society of Pennsylvania

Andrew W. Mellon Foundation Fellows

Dr. Jeffery Blankenship, Department of Art and Architecture, Hobart and William Smith Colleges, Modern Landscapes: Landscape Architecture and Technological Innovation, 1760-1960

Dr. Lynn Brooks, Department of Theatre, Dance, & Film, Franklin and Marshall College, Black and Blanc on Stage in Antebellum Philadelphia (1820-1861)

Verdie Culbreath, PhD Candidate in English, Cornell University, Of Able Body and Sound Mind: Dissociative Affects and American Identities in Civil War Literature

Natalia Doan, PhD Candidate in Philosophy, University of Oxford, The 1860 Japanese Embassy and the Opening of American Civilization: “Female Diplomacy” and the Rupturing of American Hierarchies of Power

Dr. Erin Downey, Department of Art History, Swarthmore College, Visualizing Knowledge: Athanasius Kircher, Northern European Printmakers, and the Global Jesuit Book Industry

Dr. J. Matthew Gallman, Department of History, University of Florida, Loyal Dissenters, Angry Copperheads, and Violent Resisters

Monica Hahn, PhD Candidate in Art History, Tyler School of Art, Go-Between Portraits and the Imperial Imagination circa 1800

Dr. Rhys Jones, Faculty of History, University of Cambridge, Temporal Claustrophobia at the Continental Congress, 1773-1776

Dr. Sandro Jung, Department of Literary Studies, Ghent University, Towards a History of Transatlantic Literary Book Illustration, 1770-1820

Mark Kelley, PhD Candidate in Literature, University of California San Diego, Pirates of Sympathy: Oceanic Inheritances in Antebellum Domestic Fiction and Culture

Dr. Kathryn Gin Lum, Department of Religious Studies, Stanford University, The Heathen World and America’s Humanitarian Impulse

Dr. Scott Martin, Department of History, Bowling Green University, The Psychoactive Civil War: Alcohol and Drugs in the American Civil War and Its Aftermath

Dr. Laura Miller, Department of English and Philosophy, University of West Georgia, Reading British Science in Early American Libraries

Dr. Michele Navakas, Department of English, Miami University of Ohio, Coral in Early American Literature, Science, and Culture

Rose Roberto, PhD Candidate in Typography and Graphic Communication, University of Reading, Democratizing Knowledge: The Lippincott Editions of Chambers’ Encyclopaedia

Society for Historians of the Early American Republic Fellows

Dr. Peter Messer, Department of History, Mississippi State University, Feeling Nature: Epistemologies of Natural History in the Early American Republic

Dr. Kristin O’Brassill-Kulfan, Department of History, Rutgers University New Brunswick, Illicit Mobility: Vagrancy, Poverty, and Movement in the Early American Republic

Barra Foundation International Fellows

Dr. Valérie Capdeville, Department of Literature, Language, Humanities, and Social Science, University of Paris 13, The British Club in the Colonial Empire (1700-1850): Construction, Exportation and Growth of a Model of Urban Sociability

Historical Society of Pennsylvania Short-term Fellows

McFarland Fellow

Lewis Eliot, PhD Candidate in History, University of South Carolina, Abolitionism, Enslavement, and the Stateless Atlantic World, 1830-1868

McNeil Fellows

Dr. Jean Franzino, Department of English, Beloit College, Dis-Union: Disability Cultures and the American Civil War

Dr. Helen Hunt, Department of English, Tennessee Technological University, Provoking Pleasure: Erotic Dominance and Submission in Early American Fiction

Zachary Isenhower, PhD Candidate in History, Louisiana State University, At the Edge of Humanity: American Indian Legal Identity and the Development of American Citizenship

Spencer Wigmore, PhD Candidate in Art History, University of Delaware, Albert Bierstadt and the Speculative Terrain of American Landscape Painting, 1863-1888

Dilworth Fellow

Shira Lurie, PhD Candidate in History, University of Virginia, Politics at the Poles: Liberty Poles and the Popular Struggle for the New Republic

Balch Fellows in Ethnic Studies

Samuel King, PhD Candidate in History, University of South Carolina, Exclusive Dining: Immigration and Restaurants during the Era of Chinese Exclusion, 1882-1943

Brianna Nofil, PhD Candidate in History, Columbia University, Gender, Community Policing, and Crime Control in Late Twentieth-Century America

Greenfield Fellow in 20th-Century History

Angela Stiefbold, PhD Candidate in History, University of Cincinnati, Rural Character and Rural Economy: Bucks County, PA, 1930-1990