The Library Company of Philadelphia 2018-2019 Research Fellows

Long-Term Fellows

National Endowment for the Humanities Post-Doctoral Fellows

Dr. Brooke Belisle, Department of Art, Stony Brook University, The Bigger Picture: A History and Theory of Expanded Views

Dr. Joyce Chaplin, Department of History, Harvard University, The Franklin Stove: Heat and Life in the Little Ice Age

Dr. Scott Heerman, Department of History, University of Miami, Carried Back: Black Kidnapping and State Formation in the Age of Emancipation

Mellon Scholars Program in African American History Postdoctoral Fellow

Dr. Jessica Millward, Department of History, University of California, Irvine, Broken Black Bodies: African American Women and Domestic Violence in the Post-Civil War South

Program in Early American Economy and Society Post-Doctoral Fellows

Dr. Brett Goodin, Smithsonian Institution, Conflict, Commerce and Self-Discovery: American Sailors and the Asia-Pacific, 1784-1914

Dr. Niccolo Valmori, École des Hautes Études en Sciences Sociales, Information, Risks and Opportunities: The Philadelphia Merchant Communities in the Age of Revolution, 1783-1815

Mellon Scholars Program in African American History Dissertation Fellow

Denise Burgher, PhD Candidate in English Literature, University of Delaware, Redeeming the Banished Spirit: Naming the Theological Praxis in Nineteenth-Century Black Women’s Writing

Program in Early American Economy and Society Dissertation Fellows

Sean Gallagher, PhD Candidate in History, University of California, Davis, “Working the Master’s Revolution”: Enslaved Life and Labor in the Revolutionary South.

Camille Kaszubowski, PhD Candidate in History, University of Delaware, Left in Distress”: Women on Their Own in Revolutionary Pennsylvania

Laura Michel, PhD Candidate in History, Rutgers University, New Brunswick, Benevolent Republicans: Philanthropy, Identity, and Foreign Relations in the Early United States

Albert M. Greenfield Foundation Dissertation Fellows

Cynthia Smith, PhD Candidate in English, Miami University, Sentimental Sailors: Rescue and Conversion in Antebellum U.S. Literature

Library Company Short-Term Fellows

Mellon Scholars Program in African American History

Dr. Alisha Knight, Department of English, Washington College, Black Books Matter:  African American Book Publishing at  the Turn of the Twentieth Century

Arlisha Norwood, PhD Candidate in History, Howard University, To Never Truck with No Man”: Single African American Women in the Post-Emancipation Era

Maria Ryan, PhD Candidate in Music, University of Pennsylvania, Hearing Power, Sounding Freedom: Black Practices of Listening, Music-Making, and Ear-Training in the British Colonial Caribbean, 1807-1860

Dr. Kay Wright Lewis, Department of History, Howard University, The Children of Africa Have Been Called

Program in Early American Economy and Society Short-Term Fellows

Ann Daly, PhD Candidate in History, Brown University, Hard Money: The Making of a Specie Currency, 1828-1846

Bruce Spadaccini, PhD Candidate in History, University of Delaware, “To the best of your knowledge and ability”: North American Ship Captains, Commerce, and the Revolutionary Atlantic, 1763-1812

Hannah Tucker, PhD Candidate in History, University of Virginia, Masters of the Market: Mercantile Ship Captaincy in the Colonial British Atlantic, 1607-1774

Dr. Laurie Wood, Department of History, Florida State University, Risks & Realities: Death and Credit in the French Tropics,

Drexel University College of Medicine Legacy Center / Library Company of Philadelphia Fellow in the History of Women and Medicine

Dr. Jessica Dandona, Department of Liberal Arts, Minneapolis College of Art & Design, The Transparent Woman: Medical Visualities in Fin-de-Siècle Europe and the United States, 1890–1900

McLean Contributionship Fellow

Hannah Anderson, PhD Candidate in History, University of Pennsylvania, Lived Botany: Households, Ecological Adaptation and the Origins of Settler Colonialism in Early British North America

Reese Fellow in American Bibliography

Dr. Lindsay Van Tine, John Carter Brown Library, Brown University, The Invention of Americana: New World Inscription and the Archive of Hemispheric Empire

Anthony N.B. and Beatrice Garvan Fellow in American Material Culture

Dr. Dawn Odell, Department of Art, Lewis & Clark College, Chinese Art in the Early United States

American Society for Eighteenth-Century Studies Fellow

Zach Bates, PhD Candidate in History, University of Calgary, Crown and Constitution: Scottish Colonial Administrators and the Theory and Practice of Empire in the Atlantic World, 1710-1768

Fellow in the Program in Early American Medicine, Science, and Society

Dr. Tim Cassedy, Department of English, Southern Methodist University, Printing Madness: The Print Culture of Mental Illness from Phrenology to Inkblots

Fellow in the Visual Culture Program

Julia Grummitt, PhD Candidate in History, Princeton University, The Great National Work: Visualizing Territory and Race in 19th-Century North America

The Davida T. Deutsch Fellows in Women History

Dr. Chiara Cillerai, Institute for Writing Studies, St. John’s University, New York,  and Dr. Lisa Logan, Department of English, University of Central Florida, The Works of Elizabeth Graeme Fergusson and the Elizabeth Fergusson Digital Archive

Short-term Fellows Jointly Sponsored by the Library Company and the Historical Society of Pennsylvania

Andrew W. Mellon Foundation Fellows

Idolina Hernandez, PhD Candidate in History, Saint Louis University, Exiled Abroad: Refugees in the Making of Early America

Kelsey Malone, PhD Candidate in Art History, University of Missouri, Sisterhood as Strategy: The Collaborations of American Women Artists in the Gilded Age

Christina Michelon, PhD Candidate in Art History, University of Minnesota, Printcraft: Making with Mass Images in Nineteenth-Century America

Rachel Miller, PhD Candidate in American Culture, University of Michigan, Capital Entertainment: Stage Work and the Origins of the Creative Economy, 1830-1920

Clare Mullaney, PhD Candidate in English, University of Pennsylvania, American Imprints: Disability and the Material Text, 1858-1932

Dr. Diego Pirillo, Department of Italian Studies, University of California, Berkeley, Renaissance Books in Early America: James Logan’s Italian Library

Dr. Jared Richman, Department of English, Colorado College, “A Free Speech”: Elocution, Disability, and Identity in Early America

Jaclyn Schultz, PhD Candidate in History, University of California, Santa Cruz, Learning the Values of a Dollar: Childhood and Cultures of Economy in the US, 1825-1900

Samantha Sommers, PhD Candidate in English, University of California, Los Angeles, Reading in Books: Theories of Reading from Nineteenth-Century American Literature

Dr. Bartholomew Sparrow, Department of Government, University of Texas at Austin, Unequal at the Founding

Dr. Amanda Stuckey, English and Humanities Department, York College of Pennsylvania, Tactile Literacy: Cultures of Printing and Reprinting and Nineteenth-Century Embossed Text

Society for Historians of the Early American Republic Fellows

Dr. Kirsten Fischer, Department of History, University of Minnesota, American Infidel: Elihu Palmerès Visionary Religion in the Early Republic

Nicole Mahoney, PhD Candidate in American History, University of Maryland, College Park, Liberty, Gentility, and Dangerous Liaisons: French Culture and Polite Society in Early National America, 1770-1825

Barra Foundation International Fellows

Dr. Naomi Billingsley, The John Rylands Research Institute, Benjamin West, Biblical Illustration, and the Macklin Bible

Dr. Russell Palmer, Francke Foundations, Halle, Cheap ‘n’ Cheerful Paper Covers: An Empirical Study of Paste Papers (Kleisterpapiere) held at the Library Company of Philadelphia

Historical Society of Pennsylvania Short-term Fellows

McFarland Fellow

Meagan Wierda, PhD Candidate in History, Rutgers University, To Count and Be Counted: Quantifying Race During the Antebellum Era

McNeil Fellows

Katherine Bondy, PhD Candidate in English, University of California, Berkeley, Freedom Flora: Botanical Details in Nineteenth-Century American Friendship Albums 

Amy Huang, PhD Candidate in Theatre Arts & Performance Studies, Brown University, Spectacular Secrecy: Privacy, Race and Nineteenth-Century Theatre 

Eva McGraw, PhD Candidate in Art History, City University of New York, Xanthus Smith: Marine Painting and Nationhood 

Dr. Christy Pottroff, Department of English, Merrimack College, Citizen Technologies: The U.S. Post Office and the Transformation of Early American Literature

Dilworth Fellow

Dr. Donald Johnson, Department of History, North Dakota State University, Thirteen Clocks: Popular Statecraft and the Coming of American Independence

Balch Fellows in Ethnic Studies

Sarah Bane, PhD Candidate in Art History, University of California, Santa Barbara, Join the Club: Regional Print Clubs in the United States during the Interwar Period

Cory Wells, PhD Candidate in Transatlantic History, University of Texas in Arlington, Immigrant Nativists: Irish Protestants and Anti-Catholicism in the Atlantic World

Greenfield Fellow in 20th-Century History

Dr. Traci Parker, Department of Afro-American Studies, University of Massachusetts Amherst, Workers, Consumers, and Civil Rights: Department Stores and the Black Freedom Movement