Gilty Pleasures grid, flat cropped

Seen through a backwards facing lens, libraries are social media. Like their online counterparts they are free, accessible, encourage expression and discussion, and provide a platform for forming and sharing ideas. Libraries are also communities of people with their own stories, where discoveries are made and connections are fostered.

Since 2015, Digital Outreach Librarians have shared the Library Company’s collections with an online audience. Aiming to bring alive the joys of working with special collections, we post materials that inspire humor and creativity, that promote curiosity and research, and celebrate the unique qualities of the materials themselves. Co-curated by our online followers, #GiltyPleasures is a showcase of our greatest hits and our curators’ favorites.

Curated by Concetta Barbera and Arielle Rambo, 2018.



#ColorOurCollections Coloring Book

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