Dr. Cathy Matson, Director for the Program in Early American Economy and Society

Program Director

Cathy Matson is the Director of the Program in Early American Economy and Society and Professor of History at the University of Delaware focusing on the early modern Atlantic World and Revolutionary Atlantic. She is currently completing her third monograph, “A Gambler’s Ocean,” on Philadelphia’s economic culture and global material networks down to 1815. She is also working on a monograph about the economy of color during the eighteenth century. She is the co- author of A Union of Interests (1990; Ppb. 1997); Merchants and Empire (1998; Ppb. 2002; repr. 2007); editor and contributing author of The Economy of Early America: Achievements and New Directions (2005, ppb. 2007); guest editor of nine special issues of journals, author of over forty peer reviewed articles on economic culture and political economy, series editor of Studies in Early American Economy and Society with JHU Press, and co-author of The American Experiment (2001; 2nd ed., 2005; 3rd ed. 2008).