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Emily C. Judson. Memoir of Sarah B. Judson (New York, 1852), portrait stamped on cover in gold.


Sarah Boardman Judson, born in Alstead, New Hampshire, married the Rev. George D. Boardman, in 1825. She accompanied him to a Baptist mission in Burma, where he died in 1831. Three years later, she married the Rev. Adoniram Judson after the death of his wife Ann Judson, and continued to proselytize with him in Burma until her health started to decline. She died on St. Helena island while on her way home to America.

After Mrs. Judson’s death, the Rev. Judson commissioned Emily Chubbuck to write a memoir of her.  Emily Chubbuck was then better known by her pseudonym “Fanny Forester,” but later became better known as Emily C. Judson, following her marriage to the Rev. Judson. In the volume, first published in 1848, Emily Chubbuck quotes Sarah Judson’s recollection of being left a widow with a young son, after the death of her first husband, the Rev. Boardman:

“When I first stood by the grave of my husband, I thought I must go home with George. But these poor, inquiring, and Christian Karens, and the school-boys, and the Burmese Christians, would then be left without any one to instruct them; and the poor, stupid Tavoyans would go on in the road to death, with no one to warn them of their danger. How then, oh! how can I go? We shall not be separated long. A few more years, and we shall all meet in yonder blissful world, whither those we love have gone before us.” (p. 149)



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