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MARY L. WARE (1798-1849)

The Home: A Fireside Monthly Companion and Guide 1 (June, 1856): 241.

MARY L. WARE (1798 - 1849)

Mary L. Ware, born in Boston, Massachusetts, spent her adolescence and early adult life alternating between time at school and time caring for dying parents and grandparents. In June, 1827, she married the Rev. Henry Ware, Jr., and, after he took ill, nursed him as well, while also caring for their children and his children from a previous marriage. After he recovered he accepted a professorship of divinity at Cambridge University, but had to resign in 1842 because of failing health. Following her husband’s death, Mrs. Ware returned to the United States, and settled in Milton, Massachusetts, where she tutored three children along with her own.

A short memoir of Mrs. Ware was included in volume one of the monthly publication The Home seven years after her death. It gives an excerpt from her journal just before the death of her husband, exemplifying how strong a mother she was for her children and stepchildren:

“‘The necessity of calmness for the children’s sake, feeling that their state of mind would inevitably be influenced by the tone I should give it, has aided me in preserving a quiet exterior, and so we have had the great comfort of peace and entire freedom from agitation and excitement.’ When all was over, and the dear remains were shrouded for the grave, the mother gathered her fatherless flock about the family altar. Hushed and tearful grief was there, but not gloom. The day but one succeeding was the Sabbath. Mrs. Ware led her children to the house of God as usual.” (p. 251)

Other portraits appear in:

Edward B. Hall, Memoir of Mary L. Ware (Boston, 1853), frontispiece.

Mrs. Newton Crosland, Memorable Women (Boston, 1854), plate preceding p. 199.

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