About the Philadelphia on Stone Biographical Dictionary of Lithographers


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The Philadelphia on Stone Biographical Dictionaryof Lithographers contains the biographies of over 500 artists, lithographers, printers, and publishers who worked in commercial lithography in Philadelphia between 1828 and 1878. Historically prominent lithographers, such as Childs & Inman, P. S. Duval, Thomas Sinclair, and Wagner & McGuigan; lesser known figures, such as Alphonse Bigot, John F. Finkeldey, and Thomas Hunter; and journeyman who sustained the trade are included among the men and  women described. In conjunction with the Philadelphia on Stone Digital Catalog, researchers now have access to the most comprehensive resource for research of 19th-century commercial lithography in Philadelphia.  


The over 500 fully-searchable entries provide a demographic overview of the Philadelphia trade. Images illustrating the entries include portraits of premier lithographers, views of their establishments, and advertisements for their businesses. The majority of the images represent materials held in the collections of eight collaborating institutions. Citations are contained in each entry, excluding the advertisements, which are fully described in the Philadelphia on Stone Digital Catalog. Many entries link to multiple digital images indicated by multiple digital file names in the record. To access these images, enlarge the visible thumbnail. Items from the Library Company of Philadelphia collections will contain the code “LCP” in the digital file name and items from the collaborating institutions will contain their respective code.


Please note entries also include real and personal estate values that have been converted to modern dollar values as calculated by the Measuring Worth. Also, life dates contained in the dictionary may not correspond to the dates included in the Philadelphia on Stone Digital Catalog entries. Life dates in catalog records conform to proper cataloging practices and are from the Name Authority File administered by the Library of Congress. These name authorities may be based on information requiring editing or in the process of updates. Life dates in the dictionary are the more accurate and should be cited for documentation purposes.

Census data, Philadelphia business and city directories, newspaper and other published accounts, in addition to the prints themselves served as the sources to identify the lithographers included in this dictionary.


Preferred Citation

[name of lithographer, last name first], Philadelphia on Stone Biographical Dictionary, Library Company of Philadelphia, https://digital.librarycompany.org