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June 20 - July 16, 2010
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

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(readings in bold are required of everyone;  others will be divided among participants, 2 each per week)

Sunday, June 19

Gather in Philadelphia, evening reception 7:30 pm


Monday, June 20

9:00 seminar: Introductions and discussion of individual research projects
1:30 orientation tour of Library Company of Philadelphia
2:30 field trip to National Constitution Center, Independence Park, American Philosophical Society

Tuesday, June 21

9:00  seminar

Countryman, What Did the Constitution Mean, 1-67, 89-164

Wednesday, June 22

9:00  seminar

Zagarri, “Rights of Man and Woman” 
         --------, “Women’s Citizenship in the Early Republic”          
         Larson, Internal Improvement, Intro-chap 1

Murrin, “The Great Inversion” 
         Holton, Forced Founders, chaps 5-6

Thursday, June 23

9:00  seminar

         Larson, Internal Improvement, chaps 2-4
1:30  progress reports

Friday, June 24

Free for research and study


Monday, June 27

Free for research and study


Tuesday, June 28

9:00  seminar

        Tocqueville, vol. 1, part 1, chaps 4, 8 (founding)
                             Vol. 1, part 2, chaps 1-4 (political                              practice)
        Wood, “Interests and Disinterestedness”

        Skeen, “VOX POPULI, VOX DEI”
        Taylor, “From Fathers to Friends of the People”
        Ketcham, Presidents Against Party. Chaps 5-8

Wednesday, June 29

9:00  seminar

        Tocqueville, vol 1, part 2, chaps 5-6 (practice,         majoritarianism), vol 2, part 2, chaps 1-         (individualism)
        Clark, Roots, chaps 3-5
        ---------, Social Change, chaps 3-4

        Breugel, Farm, Shop Landing, chaps 5-6
        Novak, People’s Welfare, chap 3, 5      
        Gilje, Wages of Independence, intro. 
        Thornton , “Great Machine or Beast of Prey” 

Thursday, June 30

9:00  seminar

       Tocqueville, vol 1, part 2, chaps 7-9
       Larson, Internal Improvement, chaps 5-end
       Watson, Liberty and Power, chap. 2
       Feller, Jacksonian Promise, chaps 2-3
       Larson, Market Revolution, chaps 2-3
       1:30  progress reports

Friday, July 1

Free for research and study



Monday, July 4

Free –holiday



Tuesday, July 5

9:00  seminar

        Tocqueville, vol 2, part 2, 10-20 (comfort and         indulgences), vol 2, part 3, 1-7 (mores and                 expectations)
        Johnson, A Shopkeeper’s Millennium, chaps 1-2
        Anbinder, Five Points, chaps 3,4,6
        Gilje, Liberty on the Waterfront, chap 6
        Gilfoyle, City of Eros, chaps 4-5
        Cohen, Murder of Helen Jewitt, chaps 2, 5, 11

Wednesday, July 6

9:00  seminar

       Tocqueville, vol. 1, part 2, chap 10 (races)
        Melish, Disowning Slavery, chap 4       
        Stewart, “Modernizing ‘Difference’: The Political         Meanings of  Color in the Free States”
        Horton, “From Class to Race in Early America”
        Johnson, Soul by Soul, chap 3
        Huston, “Abolitionists, Political Economists, and        Capitalists”

Thursday, July 7

9:00  seminar

        Tocqueville, vol. 2, part 3, chaps 8-12 ( family)
        Jeffrey, The Great Silent Army, Chapters 1-3

        Bynum, Unruly Women, chap 4
        Boydston, Jeanne, “The Woman Who Wasn’t         There”
        Wood, “One Woman So Dangerous to Public         Morals”
        Varon, We Mean to Be Counted, chap 2
1:30  progress reports

Friday, July 8

Free for research and study



Monday, July 11

Free for research and study



Tuesday, July 12

9:00  seminar

        Morrison, Slavery and the American West,                 chaps 1-4
        Earle, Jacksonian Politics, “Introduction,                 Chapter 7, “Conclusion”

        Silbey, “To One or Another of these Parties Every         Man Belongs”
        Stampp, “Irrepressible Conflict”
        Foner, “Causes of the American Civil War”
        Fehrenbacher, “New Political History and the         Coming of the
              Civil War”
        Holt, “Problem of Civil War Causation”
        ---------, “Mysterious Disappearance of the Whig         Party”

Wednesday, July 13

9:00  seminar

       Morrison, Slavery and the American West,        chaps 5-8
        Varon, Disunion! Chapter 4.

        Gienapp, “‘No Bed of Roses’: James Buchanan,        Abraham Lincoln,
             and Presidential Leadership in the Civil War        Era”
        Freehling, “Divided South, Democracy’s        Limitation, and the
            Causes of Peculiarly North American Civil        War”
        Thornton, “Ethic of Southern Subsistence and        the Origins of
            Southern Secession”
        Holt, “Two Roads to Sumter”
        Foner, “Politics, Ideology, and the Origins of the        American Civil
        Donald, “An Excess of Democracy: The        American Civil War and
             the Social Process”

Thursday, July 14

9:00  seminar

Research presentations—all day

SHEAR Conference July 15-17.



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