The Junto was a group founded by Benjamin Franklin to discuss news of the day and pool resources for what eventually became the Library Company of Philadelphia’s collections.

Today, the Junto is an annual event that allows dedicated Library Company supporters to learn about and view newly acquired items in our collections. The event is open to Library Company members at the Phyllis Wheatley level and above, as well as to all who donate to that year’s Junto campaign.

You can donate to this year’s Junto by clicking here. To learn more, please contact the Development Office at development@librarycompany.org or 215-546-3181 ext. 136.

The 28th Annual Junto: Celebrating Librarian Emeritus Jim Green

Wednesday, December 13 | 5:00 pm

In-Person at The Library Company of Philadelphia

This event is open to Library Company members at the Phillis Wheatley level and above, as well as those who make a contribution to the Junto campaign.

Annually, our dynamic learning community comes together to support the growth of our treasured library through diverse acquisitions through the Annual Junto campaign.

This year, it is with great enthusiasm that we announce the 28th Annual Junto Campaign will honor our esteemed Librarian Emeritus, Jim Green, through the establishment of the James N. Green Acquisition Fund.

Together, we hope to raise $40,000 to set up a new acquisition fund named in honor of this most celebrated Library Company figure. The James N. Green Acquisition Fund will support the acquisition, cataloguing, and conservation of historic materials that fall within the special collections and research focus of Jim Green, with a particular focus related to the history of printing and publishing in 18th- and 19th-century America.

On Wednesday, December 13 we will be hosting a celebration honoring Jim’s legacy at the Library Company and to view Leaves of Green: An Exhibition in Honor of James N. Green (opening November 8, 2023). Any donors to the 28th Annual Junto campaign are invited to this event. Additionally, Library Company members at the Phillis Wheatley level and above are also invited to the 28th Annual Junto event.

If you have questions about how to RSVP for the event, please contact development@librarycompany.org or 215-546-3181 ext. 136.


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