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PAAH Summer Program 2020 Interns: Tiffani Brianna Toombs

August 5, 2020/by Tristan Dahn
Three containers of pickled cabbage left in different environments, the results of a pickling experiment

Pickled Red Cabbage

July 31, 2020/by Tristan Dahn
PAAH Mellon Scholar Guevara Jean-Pierre

PAAH Summer Program 2020 Interns: Guevara Jean-Pierre

July 29, 2020/by Tristan Dahn
Finished cherry pie

Cherry Pie

July 23, 2020/by Tristan Dahn
Miss Barton, Unidentified landscape, early 19th century. Watercolor.

Women Makers and Caretakers

July 22, 2020/by Tristan Dahn
PAAH Summer Program 2020 Intern Abigail Posey

PAAH Summer Program 2020 Interns: Abigail Posey

July 22, 2020/by Tristan Dahn
Photographic portrait of Annie Besant with signature

Annie Besant and the Path to Authorial and Bodily Agency for Women

July 21, 2020/by Tristan Dahn
Joseph Pennell, Water Street Stairs (Philadelphia). Etching. Two shadowy figures stand at the top of an alley stairway in background, alley has many bills posted, man in sailor outfit in the bottom foreground.

My Beginnings at the Library Company

July 17, 2020/by Tristan Dahn
PAAH Summer Program 2020 Intern Christoforos Sassaris

PAAH Summer Program 2020 Interns: Christoforos Sassaris

July 15, 2020/by Tristan Dahn
Reading and Writing Stand (Philadelphia, ca. 1770s). Gift of Albanus C. Logan, 1870. Owned by John Dickinson.

Working Upright: Standing Desks in the Eighteenth Century

July 10, 2020/by Tristan Dahn
PAAH Summer Program 2020 Intern Mikayla Harden

PAAH Summer Program 2020 Interns: Mikayla Harden

July 8, 2020/by Tristan Dahn
J.C. Wild, Destruction by Fire of Pennsylvania Hall, hand-colored lithograph (Philadelphia, 1838). Library Company digital collections. During the fire, showing the fire companies' refusal to train their hoses on the fire.

Pandemic Protest, Pandemic Riots

June 25, 2020/by Tristan Dahn
Edward Williams Clay, The Smokers (New York: H. R. Robinson, 1837). Lithograph.

Wanting to Kick Myself: My First Days in the Graphic Arts Department

June 16, 2020/by Tristan Dahn
LCP Seal

An Important Message from the Edwin Wolf 2nd Director

June 5, 2020/by Tristan Dahn

French Rolls

May 29, 2020/by Emily Smith
John L. Magee, Death of George Shifler in Kensington. Born Jan 24 1825. Murdered May 6 1844 (Philadelphia: William Smith, after 1850). Hand-colored lithograph.

Working with Graphics is Not Just Fun

May 28, 2020/by Tristan Dahn

The Norris Family and Their Networks

May 27, 2020/by Tristan Dahn

Pandemic Panic: Mary Shelley’s The Last Man

May 26, 2020/by Tristan Dahn
The Abbess, being dragged by Death from her nunnery looks far from ready to meet her maker, woodblock print from The Dance of Death by the German artist Hans Holbein (1497–1543).

Pandemic Reading: Cholera: John Snow’s Map and Poe’s “Red Death”

May 21, 2020/by Tristan Dahn
Leek Soup served with fresh crusty bread and basil.

Leek Soup

May 21, 2020/by Tristan Dahn
Depicts a "Quick Delivery" truck standing in the middle of the street, the driver napping and the horse eating grass from the street. A cop leans on a lamppost and twirls his nightstick. Children play marbles in the street, and a dog sleeps. The building in the background resembles Independence Hall.

Special Delivery

May 21, 2020/by Tristan Dahn
LCP Cataloger Em Ricciardi's book shelf arranged with their own "SystEm" method

Sorting Books the Library Way

May 14, 2020/by Tristan Dahn
Detail of the pest house on Province Island from A map of Philadelphia and parts adjacent, from Gentleman's Magazine, vol. 23, 1753 p. 373.

Pandemic Reading: Quarantine and Isolation at the Lazaretto

May 12, 2020/by Tristan Dahn
Ingredients for Indian Stew of Tomatoes from The Larder Invaded

Indian Stew of Tomatoes

May 11, 2020/by Tristan Dahn
The Microcosm of London. London: R. Ackermann, 1808-11. Christie’s Auction Room.

Traveling the World with Rudolph Ackermann

May 11, 2020/by Tristan Dahn