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Preserved Cranberries

November 3, 2022/by Library Company

Mrs. Rorer’s Chicken Souffle

September 27, 2022/by Library Company

Interpreting 19th Century Documents: A Sample from the James Barton Longacre Collection

September 27, 2022/by Library Company

Centennial Pudding

August 31, 2022/by Library Company

The Three-Scrapbook-Long Saga of Horace Howard Furness

August 22, 2022/by Emily Smith

Oswego Pudding

July 27, 2022/by Emily Smith
Strawberry ice cream in a glass serving dish with a fresh strawberry.

Strawberry Ice Cream

June 30, 2022/by Emily Smith

Midwifery: A Historical Review of Shifting Approaches to Women’s Health

June 8, 2022/by Emily Smith

Biscuit a la Cuillère (Spoon Biscuit)

June 6, 2022/by Emily Smith

Getting Even: The Mighty Pen of Lady Bulwer Lytton

May 10, 2022/by Tristan Dahn

Cocoa-nut Cake

May 4, 2022/by Tristan Dahn

Sadakichi Hartmann in the Library Company of Philadelphia

May 3, 2022/by Tristan Dahn

Cream Puffs

April 28, 2022/by Tristan Dahn

Imperfect History Comes to a Close with Symposium

April 13, 2022/by Tristan Dahn
Chicken salad served on a platter with hard boiled eggs and stuffed grape leaves

Chicken Salad with Homemade Mayonnaise

March 30, 2022/by Tristan Dahn
Sarah Heim Delivered the 2022 Women’s History Month Lecture

Sarah Heim Delivered the 2022 Women’s History Month Lecture

March 22, 2022/by Tristan Dahn
The Antiquarian (Boston: Senefelder & Co., 1830 or 1831). Hand-colored lithograph. American Antiquarian Society.

Visual Antiquarianism

March 15, 2022/by Tristan Dahn
Pound cake, served

Francatelli’s Pound Cake

March 3, 2022/by Tristan Dahn
William Jennings, Jamaican Belle, ca. 1920. Lantern slide.

A Philadelphia Photographer’s Visions of Race and Empire

February 15, 2022/by Tristan Dahn
Chopping potatoes

Potato Salad

February 1, 2022/by Tristan Dahn
Benjamin Ridgway Evans, North Side of Chestnut St., Extending from Sixth to Seventh St., 1851 (Philadelphia, ca. 1880). Watercolor.

Imperfect History Project

January 7, 2022/by Tristan Dahn
Pumpkin pie sliced and served

Pumpkin Pie In Verse

December 2, 2021/by Tristan Dahn
Imperfect History Exhibition Card

Imperfect History Online Exhibition is now live!

November 9, 2021/by Tristan Dahn
Bobotje wrapped in puff pastry


October 27, 2021/by Tristan Dahn
Frank Leslie’s Illustrated Newspaper (June 2, 1877)

Fitz-Greene Halleck: The Most Famous Gay Poet You’ve Never Heard Of

October 25, 2021/by Tristan Dahn