LCP News

Photograph of paper wrapper used around folded records

Taking a Deep Dive into the Library Company’s Institutional Archives

May 31, 2023/by Dana Dorman
Photograph of William Rawle to next Library Company secretary about adding old papers to the archive

Library Company Awarded $350,000 from NEH to Process Institutional Papers

May 23, 2023/by Dana Dorman
Receipt for a Library Company share dated 1733

Shareholder Spotlight: Elizabeth Marshall (1768-1836)

May 15, 2023/by Dana Dorman

Old News: A Further Exploration of Children’s Rights by Kate Douglas Wiggin

May 9, 2023/by Library Company

Lady Cake with Lemon Icing

May 2, 2023/by Library Company

Chinatown: The History of a Philadelphia Neighborhood

May 1, 2023/by Library Company

Grandma Toppan’s Daguerreotype

April 19, 2023/by Library Company
Black and white version of portrait of Tench Coxe at Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts

Shareholder Spotlight: Tench Coxe (1755-1824)

April 17, 2023/by Dana Dorman

Parsnip Fritters

March 31, 2023/by Library Company
Photograph of medal with woman kneeling with raised arms in chains and text that reads Am I Not a Woman and a Sister 1838

Shareholder Spotlight: Anna G. Hubbell (1801-1895)

March 20, 2023/by Dana Dorman

Cheese Cake with Plain Paste

March 2, 2023/by Library Company
Black and white photograph of exterior of Millbourne Mills in Upper Darby showing horse-drawn wagons lined up outside

Shareholder Spotlight: Abraham L. Pennock (1786-1868)

February 21, 2023/by Dana Dorman

Parkinson’s Strawberry Shortcake

February 2, 2023/by Library Company

Cordelia Sanders’ Ambrotype

January 25, 2023/by Library Company
Photograph of the title page of the first annual report of the managers of the Ladies' Depository in 1834

Shareholder Spotlight: Elizabeth Stott

January 17, 2023/by Dana Dorman

Fixing the Time: An 18th Century American Clock Restored

December 19, 2022/by Library Company

Cultural Fieldwork Initiative Intern: Blake Hazell

December 6, 2022/by Library Company

John Bouvier’s Daguerreotype

November 23, 2022/by Library Company
Photograph of print showing landscape of Belmont estate

Shareholder Spotlight: Benjamin Eastburn (1695-1741)

November 21, 2022/by Dana Dorman

Preserved Cranberries

November 3, 2022/by Library Company
Photograph of blue and white plate depicting Library Company's Fifth Street Building

Shareholder Spotlight: Ann Bartram

October 17, 2022/by Dana Dorman

Mrs. Rorer’s Chicken Souffle

September 27, 2022/by Library Company

Interpreting 19th Century Documents: A Sample from the James Barton Longacre Collection

September 27, 2022/by Library Company
Print of side profile of Paul Busti

Shareholder Spotlight: Paul Busti (1749-1824)

September 19, 2022/by Dana Dorman

Centennial Pudding

August 31, 2022/by Library Company