Lecture in Honor of John C. Van Horne

Dr. John C. Van Horne served as the Edwin Wolf 2nd Director of the Library Company from 1985 to 2014. Upon his retirement, the Library created an endowed lecture series in his honor to recognize and celebrate his many contributions to the Library Company.

Each year, the Library Company invites a distinguished speaker to present the Lecture in Honor of John C. Van Horne as a free public lecture or as a scholar-in-residence event.

To learn more about how to support this event, please contact the  Development Office at development@librarycompany.org or 215-546-3181 ext. 133.

10th Annual Lecture (June 10, 2024) – Alan Taylor – LEARN MORE HERE

9th Annual Lecture (May 25, 2023) – Nicole Eustace

8th Annual Lecture (June 7, 2022) – Clay S. Jenkinson

7th Annual Lecture (September 23, 2021) – Harold Holzer

6th Annual Lecture (April 30, 2019) – T. J. Stiles

5th Annual Lecture (June 6, 2018) – Candice Millard

4th Annual Lecture (June 22, 2017) – Ronald C. White

3rd Annual Lecture (May 5, 2016) – Dr. Charlotte Jacobs

2nd Annual Lecture (April 8, 2015) – Margaret MacMillan

1st Annual Lecture (May 28, 2014) – Nathaniel Philbrick