Audio Tour of "“Building a City of the Dead: The Creation and Expansion of Philadelphia’s Laurel Hill Cemetery” by Curator Aaron Wunsch

Laurel Hill Cemetery is among the most celebrated – and most densely populated – swaths of Greater Philadelphia. Beneath seventy-eight acres of lawn, trees, and monuments lie some 70,000 bodies – a sprawling and silent subdivision that…

Laurel Hill Cemetery Exhibition in the Daily News

Guest Curator Aaron Wunsch points out the highlights of our current exhibition “Building a City of the Dead: The Creation and Expansion of Philadelphia’s Laurel Hill Cemetery” in the following video courtesy of Jon Snyder of the Philadelphia…

Juneteenth 2010 Panel Discussion: The President's House Slave Quarters

(June 21, 2010)   Audio Download (MP3) - Main Program Audio Download (MP3) - Audience Discussion   The Library Company commemorated Juneteenth on June 21, 2010 with a panel discussion on the past eight years of controversy surrounding…

Juneteenth Freedom Forum

(June 19, 2009)   Audio Download (MP3)  This Juneteenth Freedom Forum event featured three area scholars discussing the African American struggle for freedom in the era of the Civil War and beyond. Dr. Robert Francis Engs, Professor…

LCP 2009 Annual Meeting

(May 12, 2009)   Audio Download (MP3)

Talk by Leo Damrosch, the Ernest Bernbaum, Professor of Literature at Harvard University, on “Tocqueville’s Discovery of America.”

(May 11, 2010)   Audio Download (MP3)   Alexis de Tocqueville is more quoted than read; commentators across the political spectrum invoke him as an oracle who defined America and its democracy for all times. But in fact his masterpiece,…

Same Old or New Old? Twenty-first Century Thinking About Nineteenth-Century Collections

(May 12, 2009)   Audio Download (MP3) Watch Video Online (FLV) - with corresponding slides.   Kenneth Finkel, Distinguished Lecturer in Temple University’s American Studies Program and former Library Company Curator of Prints…

Peter Collinson and the Eighteenth-Century Natural History Exchange

(April 15, 2009)   Audio Download (MP3) Corresponding Slides (PDF)   Elizabeth P. McLean, garden historian and Library Company Trustee (and former President), speaks about her new biography of Peter Collinson, co-authored by Jean…

Clash of Extremes: The Economic Origins of the Civil War

(March 19, 2009)   Audio Download (MP3)   Author Marc Egnal challenges the orthodoxy that the Civil War began for moral reasons, contending that more than any other concern, the evolution of the Northern and Southern economies…

The Women of the Republican Court Revisited

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(March 11, 2009)  Audio Download (MP3)   An evening event in the spirit of Martha Washington! As part of the Library Company's Visual Culture Program, Curator of Women's History Cornelia King brings to life the women depicted in…