The Living Book Online Exhibition

People love books. They are essential artifacts of human culture. Think about their physical and symbolic presence in our lives, not to mention the knowledge they contain. Books have evolved, and continue to evolve, in form and function. They are shaped, modified and adapted by those who hold, read, or otherwise interact with them.

Library Company conservators have gathered a wide assortment of materials to present unique (and fun!) perspectives on the book. You will find large books, small books, ugly books, beautiful books, silly books, and serious books to name just a few. We highlight the many different roles books play in our lives. As vessels of knowledge, memory, and culture, books help us remember the past, record the present, and imagine the future.

Long live the Living Book!

Curated by Alice Austin, Andrea Krupp, and Jennifer Rosner, 2017.


The Living Book Online Exhibition

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