Fees for Reproductions

Digitization on Demand

Publication-quality files are delivered in TIFF format, with a minimum 8-bit RGB color depth. The files are uploaded onto an FTP at no cost.

Delivery SizeNew Scan*New Photography*
20-40 MB
Min. 300 dpi file*
$25 per image
+ $30 processing fee per order

(Note: Current LCP Shareholders receive a 25% discount on digitization fees)

$40 per image
+ $30 processing fee per order

*A larger digital file or a higher resolution can be provided in some cases. Please discuss your project with the Rights & Reproductions team, as additional charges may apply. Higher fees apply for 3D objects or oversized materials. 

Discounts for LCP Shareholders and Fellows

To receive a discount, please indicate on your request if you are a current LCP Shareholder, or current or former LCP Fellow.

Current LCP Shareholders : 25% discount on digitization fees.   You can become an LCP Shareholder here.

Current and former fellows: $30 processing fee waived

Additionally, there is a bulk discount on orders totaling over $200