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The Visual Culture Program (VCP) is an integral part of the Library Company’s public outreach. Initiatives include the exhibitions Common Touch: The Art of the Senses in the History of the Blind, Ephemera Online, and Philadelphia on Stone: the First Fifty Years of Commercial Lithography in Philadelphia, 1828-1878.

VCP has hosted scholarly symposiums exploring early American advertising and the role of ephemera in our popular culture; an artist-in-residence intern creatively inspired by our juvenilia collections; and presentations by historians, curators, and artists on topics that include the visual politics of the woman suffrage movement, the history of scrapbooking, and the lithographic printing process.


William Birch and the Complexities of American Visual Culture:
A Symposium Celebrating the Tenth Anniversary of the Visual Culture Program
at the Library Company of Philadelphia

Library Company of Philadelphia, Philadelphia, Pa., October 5, 2018

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