Visual Essay of the Before Madison Avenue Conference, March 15-16, 2012

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Sketch by Concetta Barbera depicting three attendees, two men and a woman.

Sketch by Concetta Barbera

The recent conference co-sponsored by VCP at LCP about the visual culture of early American advertising not only inspired thought-provoking discussions, it also inspired the library’s digitization technician and artist Concetta Barbera to sketch presenters from the Friday morning panel. This drawing together with her photographs of the event evoke the collegial tone of the one and one-half day conference which touched on lithographic advertisements, professional penmanship instructors’ techniques for self-promotion, and the marketing of Native American stereotypes, among other topics.  
Photograph depicting nametags for the event.
Photograph depicting a man and a woman conversing in the exhibition room. Museum cases and prints are visible in the background.

Photograph depicting a crowd of attendees sitting and watching a presentation.

Keynote speaker Peter Benes at the podium. A projector screen to the side depicts a print of a cat.

Keynote speaker Peter Benes

Photograph depicting three panelists at a table.

Friday morning panelists

Panelist Nancy Austin at the podium.

Panelist Nancy Austin

Librarian Jim Green sitting on a library stool and paging a book.

Two panelists sitting at a table with a projector screen in the background.
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