287th Annual Dinner

Author and Annual Dinner Speaker Stephen Fried

Stephen Fried

On November 15, 2018, the Library Company hosted its 287th Annual Dinner at the Union League of Philadelphia featuring award-winning journalist and author, Stephen Fried and the first annual Library Company Book Prize Awardee, Dr. Zara Anishanslin. With 180 people registered, we set out to host an evening filled with wonderful food, delightful friends and an engaging and educational talk about one of our most under-appreciated yet inspirational founding fathers, Dr. Benjamin Rush.  We also celebrated the anniversaries of James Green, our Librarian, Sara Weatherwax, our Curator of Prints and Photographs, and Charlene Knight, our Visitor Services Coordinator, who celebrated their 35th and 25th anniversaries, respectively.

With the help of our shareholders, sponsors and many of our donors, the Library Company raised almost $80,000. Our lead sponsors included Cornerstone Advisors Asset Management, Inc., Trustee Michael Mann and his wife, Rhonda Chatzkel, Macquarie, and an anonymous donor.  The Library Company is so grateful to all of our sponsors, higher level ticket donors as well as all of our attendees who made the dinner a success.  It can’t happen without all of you.

A surprise to everyone was the snow storm that arrived on Thursday morning which turned Philadelphia into a slippery and even icy winter wonderland.  Even through rain, ice, and snow, more than 140 people joined us at the Union League to share a wonderful evening filled with the warmth of fellowship and camaraderie only the Library Company can inspire. We hope you’ll join us for more inspirational evenings and events such as our 23rd Annual Junto (December 11, 2018), our 6th Annual Lecture in Honor of John Van Horne (April 30, 2019) or our Annual Juneteenth Freedom Seminar (June 20, 2019).  Look for more information about these events in upcoming newsletters, mailings, and emails.

Just as our shareholders and donors were the catalyst of our foundation 287 years ago, you continue to make a difference to thousands of scholars and people annually.  It was wonderful to celebrate our 287th year with all of you.  While we missed so many of you – who couldn’t attend due to the weather – we hope to see you all soon at the Library – where you’ll always be greeted with a smile and a helping hand.

See photos from the evening here.

Raechel Hammer 

Chief Development Officer