Episode 1: Talking with Michael (Michael Barsanti)

In this introductory episode, Dr. Will Fenton speaks with Dr. Michael Barsanti, the Edwin Wolf 2nd Director of the Library Company of Philadelphia, discusses the values that animate and the aspirations that drive this podcast.

Dr. Barsanti holds a bachelor’s degree from Williams College, a Master’s degree from University of Miami, and a PhD in English Literature from the University of Pennsylvania. He has led a distinguished career in the Philadelphia cultural community that includes positions at the Rosenbach Museum and Library, the Pew Center for Arts and Heritage, and the Free Library of Philadelphia Foundation.

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Talking in the Library will serve as an audio platform for researchers to share the incredible work they’re pursuing using the rich collections at the Library Company of Philadelphia.

Talking in the Library is hosted by Will Fenton, the Director of Scholarly Innovation, and produced by Nicole Scalessa, the Chief Information Officer at the Library Company of Philadelphia.

Logo design by Nicole Graham. Theme music by Krestovsky (“Terrible Art”).

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