Past Fellows: 2000-2001

The Library Company of Philadelphia and the Historical Society of Pennsylvania Jointly Sponsored 2000-2001 Research Fellows

Andrew W. Mellon Foundation Fellows

David J. Anthony, Assistant Professor of English, Southern Illinois University: White Collar Gothic: Debtor Masculinity, Submission, and the U.S. Bank in Antebellum America.

Radiclani Clytus, Ph.D. candidate in African-American Studies and American Studies, Yale University: Touring the Empire: Transatlantic Art and the Cultural Vision of 19th-Century Modernity

Steven Conn, Assistant Professor of History, Ohio State University: Encounters With History: Native Americans in the 19th-Century Imagination

James Delbourgo, Ph.D. candidate in History, Columbia University: Political Electricity: Experimentalism, Enthusiasm and Enlightenment in 18th Century British America

Ian Frederick Finseth, Ph.D. candidate in English, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill: Science and Pastoralism in American and African American Antislavery Literature

Alicia María Gaméz, Fellow, Department of Ethnic Studies, University of California, Berkeley: Making American Nature: Scientific Narratives of Order and Origin in Visual and Literary Conceptions of Race in the Early American Republic

Jacqueline Goldsby, Assistant Professor of English, Cornell University: A Spectacular Secret: The Cultural Logic of Lynching in American Life and Literature, 1882-1992

Christopher J. Lukasik, Ph.D. candidate in English, Johns Hopkins University: Discerning Characters: Social Distinction and The Body in American Literacy and Visual Culture, 1780-1850

Carla J. Mulford, Associate Professor of English, Pennsylvania State University: Benjamin Franklin and the Ends of Empire

Simon P. Newman, Director, Andrew Hooke Centre for American Studies, University of Glasgow, Scotland: Historical Bodies: Death and Dying in Early National Philadelphia

Elisa Tamarkin, Assistant Professor of English, University of California, Santa Barbara: American Anglophilia: Deference, Devotion and National Culture, 1800-1865

Ashli White, Ph.D. candidate in American History, Columbia University: ‘A Flood of Impure Lava’: Saint Dominguan Refugees in the United States, 1791-1820

McLean Contributionship Fellow

David R. Brigham, Curator of American Art, Worcester Art Museum: Peale’s Museum of Art and Science and its Precedents in 18th-Century Philadelphia

Barra Foundation International Fellows

Alex Preda, Assistant Professor of Sociology, University of Bielefeld, Germany: The Market and the Steam Engine: How Natural Sciences Shaped Financial Markets in the 19th Century U.S. and Europe

Jane Lois Rendall, Co-Director, Centre for 18th Century Studies, University of York, England: The End of New Caledonia: Scottish Women and Enlightened Networks, 1795-1813

Reese Fellow in American Bibliography

Susan Branson, Assistant Professor of Arts and Humanities, University of Texas, Dallas:Mary Clarke Carr: First Female Editor of an American Women’s Magazine

Morgan Fellow in the History of the Book

Louise L. Stevenson, Professor of History and American Studies, Franklin and Marshall College: Women’s Literacy in the Early Republic and British and American Literature, 1750-1850.

Program in Early American Economy & Society

Post-Doctoral Fellow

Donna J. Rilling, Assistant Professor of History, State University of New York, Stony Brook: Industry, Environment, and Community in the Early 19th Century Greater Delaware Valley.

Dissertation Fellow

Katherine Carté, Ph.D. candidate in Early American History, University of Wisconsin, Madison: Of Heaven and Earth: Economic Activity and Religion Among Backcountry Moravians, 1740-1800

Short-Term Fellows

Sean Patrick Adams, Assistant Professor of History, University of Central Florida: Old Dominion and Industrial Commonwealths: The Political Economy of Coal in Virginia and Pennsylvania, 1810-1875

Brooke Hunter, Ph.D. candidate in History, University of Delaware: The Threshold of Exchange: The Flour Industry of the Lower Delaware River Valley, 1750-1820

Elizabeth M. Nuxoll, Adjunct Assistant Professor of American History, Long Island University: A Biography of Robert Morris

Joseph T. Rainer, Ph.D. candidate in American Studies, College of William and Mary: The Honorable Fraternity of Moving Merchants: Yankee Peddlers in the Old South, 1800-1860

Rohit Daniel Wadhwani, Ph.D. candidate in History, University of Pennsylvania: The Social, Economic, and Political Origins of Expanding Access to Financial Institutions in the 19th Century Northeast