PEAES Article Prizes

PEAES Article Prize Recipient 2005

Paul Clemens, Rutgers University, New Brunswick, for his article “The Consumer Culture of the Middle Atlantic, 1760-1820,” which appeared in the October 2005 issue of the William and Mary Quarterly.

2004 Awards

Jennifer L. Anderson, for her article in the Spring 2004 issue of Early American Studies, entitled “Nature’s Currency: The Atlantic Mahogany Trade and the Commodification of Nature in the Eighteenth Century;”

And Gail MacLeitch, for “’Red’ Labor: Iroquois Participation in the Atlantic Economy,” which appeared in Volume 1, Issue 4 of Labor: Studies of Working-Class History of the Americas during 2004.

2003 Awards

Andrew Shankman, “’A New Thing on Earth’: Alexander Hamilton, Pro-Manufacturing Republicans, and the Democratization of American Political Economy,” Journal of the Early Republic, 23 (Fall 2003)

Naomi Lamoreaux, “Rethinking the Transition to Capitalism in the Early American Northeast,” Journal of American History, 90 (September 2003)

2002 Award

Ruth Herndon and John Murray for “Markets for Children in Early America: A Political Economy of Pauper Apprenticeship,” in the Journal of Economic History, June 2002.

2001 Awards

Simon Middleton, University of East Anglia, “‘How it came that the bakers bake no bread’: A Struggle for Trade Privileges in Seventeenth-Century New Amsterdam,” in the William and Mary Quarterly, April 2001.

Ann M. Carlos and Frank D. Lewis, “Trade, Consumption, and the Native Economy: Lessons from York Factory, Hudson Bay,” in the Journal of Economic History, December 2001.

2000 Awards

David Cowen, “The First Bank of the United States and the Securities Market Crash of 1792,” Journal of Economic History, 60 (December 2000), 1041-1060.

Robert Martello, “Paul Revere’s Last Ride: The Road to Rolling Copper,” Journal of the Early Republic, 20 (Summer 2000), 219-239.

The winners were recognized at the annual awards banquet of the Economic History Association in September, 2001 in Philadelphia.

1999 Awards

Peter Mancall and Thomas Weiss, “Was Economic Growth Likely in colonial British North America?” Journal of Economic History, 59 (March 1999), 17-40.

Lance Davis and Stanley Engerman, “The Economy of British North America: Miles Traveled, Miles Still to Go,” William and Mary Quarterly, 56 (January 1999), 9-22.

Robert Wright, “Bank Ownership and Lending Patterns in New York and Pennsylvania, 1781-1831,” Business History Review, 73 (Spring 1999), 40-60.