2023–24 Program in Early American Economy & Society Research Fellows

Postdoctoral Fellow

Christopher Baldwin, independent scholar, Toronto, Ontario
An Empire of Plunder: Slavery and the Prize Economy in the British Caribbean, 1739–63

Dissertation Fellows

Anders Bright, PhD Candidate, Department of History, University of Pennsylvania
Luck’s Republic: Lotteries, Class, and Finance in Early America

Carolyn Zola, PhD Candidate, Department of History, Stanford University
Public Women: Urban Provisioners in Nineteenth Century America

Short-Term Fellows

Loryn Clauson, PhD Candidate, Department of History, University of Toledo
Hold My Purse Strings: Marriage, Gender and Capitalism in Antebellum America

Eva Landsberg, PhD Candidate, Department  of History, Yale University
The Politics of Sugar in the 18th-Century British Atlantic

Kristin O’Brassill-Kulfan, Assistant Teaching Professor & Coordinator of Public History, Department of History, Rutgers University
Surviving the New Nation: A Material History of Poverty in the United States

Angel-Luke O’Donnell, Lecturer in Liberal Arts and Quantitative Reasoning Education, Department of Liberal Arts, Kings College London
The History of Mortgages: The State, Industrial Capital, and Industrialisation in Pennsylvania, 1690–1816

Rachel Silberstein, independent scholar
“To the Greatest Extent the China Market can bear”: A Connective History of British Woolens in Qing China