2019-2020 Program in Early American Economy & Society Research Fellows

Post-Doctoral Fellows

Dr. Julien Mauduit, History Department, McMaster University, Money in North American Thought: The Democracy-Capitalism Relation (1770s-1840s)

Dissertation Fellows

Kyle Repella, PhD Candidate in History, University of Pennsylvania, Human Capital: Strategies of Slaving in the Greater Delaware Valley, 1620-1760

Nicole Schroeder, PhD Candidate in History, University of Virginia, Incurable Defects: Medical Practice, Subsidized Welfare, and the Disabled Body in Philadelphia, 1760-1840

Short-Term Fellows

Patrick T. Barker, PhD Candidate in History, Yale University, Slavery and Its Shadow, Race, Labor, and Environment in the Transformation of the Southern Caribbean, 1776-1876.

Lance Boos, PhD Candidate in History, Stony Brook University, Print and Performance: The Development of a British Atlantic Musical Marketplace in the Eighteenth Century

Andy Cabot, PhD Candidate in Anglophone Studies, Paris Diderot University, Slavery, Empires and Diplomacy: Britain, France and the United States, c.1794-c.1825

Dr. Whitney Martinko, Department of History, Villanova University, The Corporate Origins of Cultural Property in the Early United States

Laura Michel, PhD Candidate in History, Rutgers University – New Brunswick, Benevolent Republicans: Philanthropy, Identity, and Foreign Relations in the Early United States

Dr. Stephen Shapiro, Department of English, University of Warwick, Redefining Liberalism: Early National Transformations of Political Economy, Imperial Geography, and the Evangelical Front

Simon Sun, PhD Candidate in American Studies, Harvard University, Thomas Jefferson’s Hau Kiou Choaan: China and Early America (1497-1784)

Evelyn Strope, PhD Candidate in History, University of Cambridge, ‘Voting’ Consumers and Cultures of Consumer Activism, 1775-1815