2002-2003 PEAES Fellows

Post-Doctoral Fellow

Dr. Jane T. Merritt, Assistant Professor of History, Old Dominion University, “The Trouble with Tea: Consumption, Politics, and the Making of a Global Colonial Economy.”

Dissertation Fellow

Michelle L. Craig, Ph.D. Candidate in History, University of Michigan, “From Cultivation to Cup: Coffee Trade and Consumption in the British Atlantic Empire, 1765-1833.”

Stephen A. Mihm, Ph.D. Candidate in History, New York University, “Making Money: Bank Notes, Counterfeiting, and Confidence, 1789-1877.”

Short-Term Fellows

Carl Robert Keyes, Ph.D. Candidate in History, Johns Hopkins University, “Advertising and the Commercial Community in Eighteenth-Century Philadelphia.”

Julia C. Ott, Ph.D. Candidate in History, Yale University, “Selling Confidence: Credit, Character, and the Origins of American Market Culture.”

Dr. Andrew Schocket, Assistant Professor of History, Bowling Green State University, “Consolidating Power: Inventing the Corporate Sphere in Philadelphia, 1780-1840.”

Brian Schoen, Ph.D. Candidate in History, University of Virginia, “Southern Freetraders vs. Pennsylvania Protectionists: The Print Battle for National Political Economic Policy, 1819-1846.”