2012-2013 Program in Early American Economy & Society Research Fellows

Post-Doctoral Fellowships

Ariel Ron.  University of California, Berkeley. ““Developing the Country: Scientific Agriculture and the Roots of the Republican Party.”

Dissertation Fellowships

Corey Goettsch, Emory University.   “A Nation of Peter Funks: Fraud in Nineteenth-Century America.”

Hannah Farber, University of California, Berkeley.   “Early American Marine Insurance: Commerce, the Republic, and the Oceans.”

Short-term Fellowships

Sara Damiano, Johns Hopkins University, “Gender and the Litigated Credit Economy in New England, 1730-1790.”

Benjamin Hicklin, University of Michigan, “‘Neither a Borrower nor a Lender Be’?: Experiencing Credit and Debt in the English Atlantic, 1660-1750.”

Andrew Kopec.  Ohio State University.  “Attacking Panic: The Financial Work of American Literature, 1819-1857.”

Susan Stearns,  Mary Baldwin College.   “Streams of Interest: The Mississippi River and the Political Economy of the Early Republic, 1783-1803.”