LCP Blog: Beyond the Reading Room

Portrait of Eli Kirk Price

Shareholder Spotlight: Eli Kirk Price (1797-1884)

June 12, 2024/by Dana Dorman

Library Company Acquires the Kathryn S. Alpert Collection of Women’s History Postcards and Ephemera

May 22, 2024/by Dan Shiman
Photograph of title page of Worthy Women book

Shareholder Spotlight: Agnes Irwin (1841-1914)

May 13, 2024/by Dana Dorman

Li Hongzhang and Chinese Representation in America

May 2, 2024/by Dan Shiman

Two of Franklin’s Institutions Look to a Future of Greater Collaboration

April 25, 2024/by Library Company
Lithograph portrait of Miers Fisher with his signature below

Shareholder Spotlight: Miers Fisher (1748-1819)

April 16, 2024/by Dana Dorman

Shareholder Spotlight: Sophia Borie (1789-1876)

March 15, 2024/by Dana Dorman
Photograph of a white woman with short brown hair and glasses putting a box of archival items back on a shelf

Updates from the Library Company Papers Project

March 4, 2024/by Dana Dorman
Photograph of front exterior of Library Company building with statue in niche above front door

Shareholder Spotlight: William Bingham (1752-1804)

February 20, 2024/by Dana Dorman
Photo of the title page of the 1793 pamphlet published by Absalom Jones and Richard Allen

The Library Company’s Relationship with the Free Black Community in Philadelphia

February 9, 2024/by Dana Dorman
Photo of page in share record book

Shareholder Spotlight: Rebecca Clifford

January 10, 2024/by Dana Dorman
Photograph of printed broadside advertising Robert Aitken's shop

Shareholder Spotlight: Robert Aitken (1734-1802)

December 15, 2023/by Dana Dorman
Photograph of LCP directors minutes from 1775 describing Robert Aitkin share transaction

Learning More About Our Shareholders Through the Library Company Papers Project

December 4, 2023/by Dana Dorman
Image of title page of Gentlefolks and Others book

Shareholder Spotlight: Julia Duhring (1836-1892)

November 17, 2023/by Dana Dorman

Leaves of Green

November 8, 2023/by Dan Shiman

Potato Puff

November 3, 2023/by Dan Shiman
Photograph of inside cover of book with two bookplates

The Addition of the Pennsylvania Library of Foreign Literature and Science

November 3, 2023/by Dana Dorman
Portrait of Dr. Mutter

Shareholder Spotlight: Dr. Thomas D. Mütter (1811-1859)

October 16, 2023/by Dana Dorman

Celebrating the 300th Anniversary of Franklin’s Arrival in Philadelphia: New Exhibit Opening

October 4, 2023/by Dan Shiman
Photograph of Abigail Guidry using the book scanner to digitize a bound volume at the Library Company

Digitization Work on the Library Company Papers Project

October 2, 2023/by Dana Dorman

(Somewhat) Puffy Rolls

September 28, 2023/by Dan Shiman
Photograph of detail from chronological share and directors register

Yellow Fever and the Library Company in 1793

September 25, 2023/by Dana Dorman
Exterior view of Wyck house in Germantown

Shareholder Spotlight: Reuben Haines III (1786-1831) and Jane Bowne Haines (1790-1843)

September 18, 2023/by Dana Dorman
Photograph of illustration in Clarkson memoir of portrait of Matthew Clarkson

Shareholder Spotlight: Matthew Clarkson (1733-1800)

August 21, 2023/by Dana Dorman
Photograph of bookpates from Association Library, Amicable Library, and Union Library Company

Comparing 18th-Century Subscription Libraries in Philadelphia

August 2, 2023/by Dana Dorman